Use Charter Buses to Plan the Perfect Family Reunion

shutterstock_372480583_0Planning your family’s reunion can seem a daunting task. You want to promote family togetherness, and you want everyone to have fun. How do you wrangle so many people and so many diverse interests into a single vacation that satisfies everyone?

Road Trips

Traveling somewhere together to see something new is a great way to build memories as a family. By getting into a single vehicle and leaving the driving to a professional, everyone can relax together and enjoy each other’s company. At the same time, in a nice luxury vehicle, people can have some alone time, which can be crucial in maintaining family harmony and personal sanity. Charter buses are spacious and offer amenities like television and even WiFi to help keep everyone entertained the entire trip. When you’re going on a long distance trip to a specific resort or vacation destination you can’t beat a charter bus for convenient travel.


Whether at a far-off destination or right in your own area, a chartered bus can vastly streamline your travel itinerary. The bus can pick everyone up, even if you’re not all able to stay at the same location, and no one can get lost when you’re all traveling together. With a charter bus’s point-to-point services, you can be taken multiple places in the same day. You can be dropped off anywhere you want to go, see the sights, and get picked up as soon as you’re ready to go to the next place. Schedule a full day of tourism, entertainment, and dining, and let a professional handle the travel.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are great for large groups like family reunions, as they offer a variety of activities that can please everyone. Some events and rides can be done all together, while at other times people can split up and do just what they want. The amusement park trip can be a single day activity, or it can be the core of your whole reunion.

If you plan on incorporating time at an amusement park into your family reunion, you can cut down on a lot of the hassle and even save money by traveling together with a charter bus. Rather than crowding everyone into multiple cars with equally numerous drivers, getting one or two comfortable charter buses for everyone allows the whole group to stay together. You can get dropped off and picked up as close to the park gates as possible, without ever worrying about traffic or parking (and its associated costs).

Games for Grown-Ups

When even the grandkids have grown up, a lot of new options open up in your family reunion planning. You don’t have to worry about keeping small children entertained, naptimes, or stroller access, among other things. Not only that, though, you can now plan activities that either wouldn’t interest or wouldn’t allow children.

A great idea for a large group of adults looking for a fun time is a casino bus tour. By planning your family reunion around one of these tours, you can get great group rates with casinos and hotels that the charter bus companies negotiate beforehand. A casino bus tour will take your group to many different casinos in the region, allowing your group to experience all sorts of different gaming at each destination, while getting to spend good quality time with each other while on the road in luxury buses. Whether or not anyone hits it big, you’ll have a great time.

With a charter bus company like United Coachline, you can turn travel time into family time, making planning and executing a flawless family reunion a breeze!

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