School Event Planning

Children on a field trip at a museum

Planning a class or school event can be stressful, especially if it’s off-campus and/or an overnight trip. Outside of planning the actual event itself, a lot of hours have to go into planning and preparing for formalities including permission slips, itineraries for parents, and much, much more.

Here we’ve listed some of the biggest concerns surrounding a school trip and how to combat them.

  • Ensuring students listen. This one is particularly difficult. Kids get to choose whether or not they listen despite your best efforts. No matter how many times you explain the plan, at least one student will ask again or end up faltering on the day of the trip.
    • Tell students you will only give directions once (although you know that won’t be the case). If they feel that they won’t have another chance to hear what they need to know, they’ll be more likely to listen. After you’ve provided the information, have the students turn to their neighbor and take turns repeating the information about the trip.
  • Safety. Safety is extremely important when it comes to field trips. Will a student misstep, slip, or fall? Will they get lost? The buddy system is an old classic; however, he problem with the buddy system is that, if placed with friends, students may still wander off together.
    • Send a newsletter to parents asking that students wear a specific color the day of the trip. Also, consider pairing students with classmates that they aren’t close friends with. Finally, make sure that each student has emergency contact information on their person for the duration of the trip.
  • Educational value. It’s important to ensure that amongst all of the excitement of an excursion that students are able to glean educational value from the location(s) that they visit. With all of the distractions that come from being out of school for the day, it can be hard to keep them on task.
    • Go over what will be seen and explored on the field trip and give students a “bingo” card to mark off sights and experiences. This will help them have fun while intaking the educational purpose of the trip.
  • Politeness. As difficult as making sure that students listen is making sure that students behave politely. Not only should they be polite to the guides, speakers, and other authorities on the trip, but they should also be polite to and respect each other.
    • Students learn by example. Setting the tone and treating them politely will go a long way; however, it won’t do everything. Holding a special class or setting apart class time to go over manners and proper behavior for the specific trip setting can be a fun break from the norm and instill the proper behavior in students.
  • Transportation. Getting all of your students from one location to the next is a huge undertaking. Carpooling in parents’ cars is definitely ineffective and comes with its own set of problems and risks, but if the field trip is far away or overnight, a regular school bus is not the best choice.
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