10 Worst Parts about Road Trips

Man sitting next to broken down car in the middle of nowhere

Whether you’re hitting the road for a long weekend or just for a long day trip, it’s usually an exciting and welcome break from the regular grind. Once you hit the road, though, excitement can quickly turn to frustration. It seems easy to forget how frustrating road tripping can actually be, so to help you prepare, we’ve listed the top 10 worst parts about road trips.

  1. Whether you’re on a road trip or not, breakdowns are a huge inconvenience and can tie you up for hours.
  1. Speeding tickets. It’s tempting to speed up to get where you’re going faster, especially on those long and boring hauls of highway. A speeding ticket, though, can cost you a lot of both time and money.
  1. Not enough food. Hanger (hungry anger) is a real thing. If you’re in it for the long-haul and are underprepared, you may have to suffer the consequences.
  1. Needing bathroom breaks. Unless you’re a robot, you’re going to need bathroom breaks. Sometimes more often than others. It’s inconvenient, but what can you do?
  1. Unplanned gas stops. If only cars could go the span of the entire country on one tank of gas. Gas stops are inconvenient, but it’s important to keep an eye out for how far the next gas station. It’s better safe than sorry.
  1. No GPS/phone signal. Without a signal, you can’t get where you’re going or get in touch with someone to come help you out. Worse, if the weather’s bad, walking to find a better signal isn’t always an option.
  1. Minimal movie selection. As the passenger or if you have passengers (especially under a certain age) it’s important to have ample entertainment for long trips. If your movie selection isn’t very broad, you’ll be stuck listening to the same dialogue over and over and over and over again.
  1. Bored children. If you’ve got your children along for the ride, you know how short their attention spans can be. They get bored quickly and if you’re not prepared, it will make the trip feel five times as long as it actually is.
  1. Traffic is a pain as it is, but when you have to drive through a city you don’t know during rush hour, it can be beyond frustrating.
  1. There’s almost nothing worse than being stuck in a seat that you can’t get out of and the pain you have to go through almost isn’t worth the trip.

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