Tips for Keeping Yourself Entertained on a Charter Bus Trip

charter bus on the road

Do you have a charter bus trip coming up? Whether you’ll be spending a few hours or a few days on the bus, you want to make sure you have plenty of resources to keep you entertained. We’ve listed a few tips below that can help you beat the boredom.


Remember to Pack Some Reading Materials

If you’re an avid reader, you may be way ahead of me on this tip. Even if you’re not, bringing a book along can help keep your mind occupied. If books aren’t your thing, maybe having a few issues of Vogue, Sports Illustrated, or Time can help you pass the time.


Download Some New Apps on Your Phone

Our phones are often the first things we turn to when we’re bored. If you’re tired of playing the same old games or social media apps, branching out by downloading some new ones before your trip is a surefire way to stay entertained. Whether you’re excited to try the latest trending app, have been meaning to find a good word game app, or want to enjoy a classic, there are tons of possibilities. The best part is that many of those possibilities are free.


Have a Pen (or Pencil) and Notebook on Hand

Do you like to sketch, draw, or even doodle? Or do you enjoy getting your thoughts down on paper, writing poetry, crafting short stories, or recording events in a journal? No matter what type of person you are, having a notebook and writing instrument at the ready is a good idea. When you have nothing but time on your hands, you can spend it by creating something.


Whether you’re on your way to a wedding, to a convention, or back home for the holidays, make sure you remember the tips above to stay entertained on your next long-distance trip.

10 Worst Parts about Road Trips

Man sitting next to broken down car in the middle of nowhere

Whether you’re hitting the road for a long weekend or just for a long day trip, it’s usually an exciting and welcome break from the regular grind. Once you hit the road, though, excitement can quickly turn to frustration. It seems easy to forget how frustrating road tripping can actually be, so to help you prepare, we’ve listed the top 10 worst parts about road trips.

  1. Whether you’re on a road trip or not, breakdowns are a huge inconvenience and can tie you up for hours.
  1. Speeding tickets. It’s tempting to speed up to get where you’re going faster, especially on those long and boring hauls of highway. A speeding ticket, though, can cost you a lot of both time and money.
  1. Not enough food. Hanger (hungry anger) is a real thing. If you’re in it for the long-haul and are underprepared, you may have to suffer the consequences.
  1. Needing bathroom breaks. Unless you’re a robot, you’re going to need bathroom breaks. Sometimes more often than others. It’s inconvenient, but what can you do?
  1. Unplanned gas stops. If only cars could go the span of the entire country on one tank of gas. Gas stops are inconvenient, but it’s important to keep an eye out for how far the next gas station. It’s better safe than sorry.
  1. No GPS/phone signal. Without a signal, you can’t get where you’re going or get in touch with someone to come help you out. Worse, if the weather’s bad, walking to find a better signal isn’t always an option.
  1. Minimal movie selection. As the passenger or if you have passengers (especially under a certain age) it’s important to have ample entertainment for long trips. If your movie selection isn’t very broad, you’ll be stuck listening to the same dialogue over and over and over and over again.
  1. Bored children. If you’ve got your children along for the ride, you know how short their attention spans can be. They get bored quickly and if you’re not prepared, it will make the trip feel five times as long as it actually is.
  1. Traffic is a pain as it is, but when you have to drive through a city you don’t know during rush hour, it can be beyond frustrating.
  1. There’s almost nothing worse than being stuck in a seat that you can’t get out of and the pain you have to go through almost isn’t worth the trip.

Whether you have a fun trip coming up or have to go by requirement, you don’t have to suffer through the worst parts of the road trips after all. We offer rental and charter buses that feature comfortable seats that can recline, on board entertainment, and friendly drivers with extensive experience. Don’t settle for anything less. Contact us for a free quote today by calling 1-888-982-8737.

5 Ways You Can Use Our Point to Point Service

Friendly bus driver inviting passengers onto bus

At United Coachline, we’re proud of our point to point service. Because it is fully customizable, we can accommodate as many stops as you need at the times you specify. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to helping you reach your destinations. Wondering which situations could be made easier with point to point transportation? We’ve listed a few reasons below that people usually use our service.

Airport Dropoff and Pickup

When you need a ride to or from the airport in the tri-state area, don’t stress yourself out trying to keep track of early arrivals, possible delays, or other flight information. When you use United Coachline for point to point airport transfers, we keep track of all of that information for you. We keep you on schedule and make sure that you make your flight. We even offer the additional benefit of airport concierge service, where a representative meets you at your gate to help with your bags and escort your party to the luxury charter bus waiting for you.

Wedding Transportation

Every wedding planner knows how important it is to stick to a schedule. When you have several different destinations for your wedding guests to be at throughout the day, it is beneficial to have a luxury bus on hand to transport them to the next venue. With the ceremony, the luncheon, the reception, and pictures, you have a rigid itinerary and you need your guests and the wedding party to stick to it. No matter what needs you have on your wedding day, make sure that you have transportation you can depend on.

Casino Bus Tour

Because United Coachline is registered with every casino in the tri-state area, we are the optimal choice when you want to go casino hopping. When use our transportation for your night of gambling, you get the added bonus of rebates for you and each or of your guests. We frequently provide transportation to the following casinos:

  • Bally’s Atlantic City
  • Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino
  • Foxwoods Resort Casino
  • Mohegan Sun
  • Resorts Casino Hotel
  • Showboat Atlantic City
  • Tropicana Casino & Resort
  • Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort

Whether you want to go to one of the above casinos or you have a different one in mind, contact us to find out what rebates are being offered this month.

Transportation for Clients

Whether you have an important business meeting scheduled with a client, you are entertaining them with a night out at Yankee stadium, or you are celebrating a new partnership, start the night off right by arranging to have them picked up. Especially if they are from out of town, they may get stressed out or frustrated if they get lost or can’t figure out parking. When they don’t have to worry about any of that, they can relax and focus on the game, your business, or a bright new future as partners.

Special Events

From bachelorette parties to baseball games to proposals or anniversaries, any special night out can be made easier by with a little planning. Arranging for someone to pick you up and drop you off at specific times can ease the pressure of finding a taxi or giving them the right address or directions to your next destination. No matter what the occasion is, having transportation you can depend on is essential.

If you need transportation for any of the above situations, be sure to give United Coachline a call. Visit our website to find more information on any of the other transportation services that we offer.

School Event Planning

Children on a field trip at a museum

Planning a class or school event can be stressful, especially if it’s off-campus and/or an overnight trip. Outside of planning the actual event itself, a lot of hours have to go into planning and preparing for formalities including permission slips, itineraries for parents, and much, much more.

Here we’ve listed some of the biggest concerns surrounding a school trip and how to combat them.

  • Ensuring students listen. This one is particularly difficult. Kids get to choose whether or not they listen despite your best efforts. No matter how many times you explain the plan, at least one student will ask again or end up faltering on the day of the trip.
    • Tell students you will only give directions once (although you know that won’t be the case). If they feel that they won’t have another chance to hear what they need to know, they’ll be more likely to listen. After you’ve provided the information, have the students turn to their neighbor and take turns repeating the information about the trip.
  • Safety. Safety is extremely important when it comes to field trips. Will a student misstep, slip, or fall? Will they get lost? The buddy system is an old classic; however, he problem with the buddy system is that, if placed with friends, students may still wander off together.
    • Send a newsletter to parents asking that students wear a specific color the day of the trip. Also, consider pairing students with classmates that they aren’t close friends with. Finally, make sure that each student has emergency contact information on their person for the duration of the trip.
  • Educational value. It’s important to ensure that amongst all of the excitement of an excursion that students are able to glean educational value from the location(s) that they visit. With all of the distractions that come from being out of school for the day, it can be hard to keep them on task.
    • Go over what will be seen and explored on the field trip and give students a “bingo” card to mark off sights and experiences. This will help them have fun while intaking the educational purpose of the trip.
  • Politeness. As difficult as making sure that students listen is making sure that students behave politely. Not only should they be polite to the guides, speakers, and other authorities on the trip, but they should also be polite to and respect each other.
    • Students learn by example. Setting the tone and treating them politely will go a long way; however, it won’t do everything. Holding a special class or setting apart class time to go over manners and proper behavior for the specific trip setting can be a fun break from the norm and instill the proper behavior in students.
  • Transportation. Getting all of your students from one location to the next is a huge undertaking. Carpooling in parents’ cars is definitely ineffective and comes with its own set of problems and risks, but if the field trip is far away or overnight, a regular school bus is not the best choice.
    • United Coachline is a smart and affordable choice for all of your field trip and school event transportation needs. Knowing that trips can get expensive, United Coachline offers bus rentals at affordable prices, manned by well-trained, professional drivers. Choose from 56, 35, and 24 passenger busses. Get a quote and contact them at to finalize your school trip today.

Don’t let the stresses of planning a school event hold you back. Let United Coachline handle the transportation while you manage what’s left.

Use Charter Buses to Plan the Perfect Family Reunion

shutterstock_372480583_0Planning your family’s reunion can seem a daunting task. You want to promote family togetherness, and you want everyone to have fun. How do you wrangle so many people and so many diverse interests into a single vacation that satisfies everyone?

Road Trips

Traveling somewhere together to see something new is a great way to build memories as a family. By getting into a single vehicle and leaving the driving to a professional, everyone can relax together and enjoy each other’s company. At the same time, in a nice luxury vehicle, people can have some alone time, which can be crucial in maintaining family harmony and personal sanity. Charter buses are spacious and offer amenities like television and even WiFi to help keep everyone entertained the entire trip. When you’re going on a long distance trip to a specific resort or vacation destination you can’t beat a charter bus for convenient travel.


Whether at a far-off destination or right in your own area, a chartered bus can vastly streamline your travel itinerary. The bus can pick everyone up, even if you’re not all able to stay at the same location, and no one can get lost when you’re all traveling together. With a charter bus’s point-to-point services, you can be taken multiple places in the same day. You can be dropped off anywhere you want to go, see the sights, and get picked up as soon as you’re ready to go to the next place. Schedule a full day of tourism, entertainment, and dining, and let a professional handle the travel.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are great for large groups like family reunions, as they offer a variety of activities that can please everyone. Some events and rides can be done all together, while at other times people can split up and do just what they want. The amusement park trip can be a single day activity, or it can be the core of your whole reunion.

If you plan on incorporating time at an amusement park into your family reunion, you can cut down on a lot of the hassle and even save money by traveling together with a charter bus. Rather than crowding everyone into multiple cars with equally numerous drivers, getting one or two comfortable charter buses for everyone allows the whole group to stay together. You can get dropped off and picked up as close to the park gates as possible, without ever worrying about traffic or parking (and its associated costs).

Games for Grown-Ups

When even the grandkids have grown up, a lot of new options open up in your family reunion planning. You don’t have to worry about keeping small children entertained, naptimes, or stroller access, among other things. Not only that, though, you can now plan activities that either wouldn’t interest or wouldn’t allow children.

A great idea for a large group of adults looking for a fun time is a casino bus tour. By planning your family reunion around one of these tours, you can get great group rates with casinos and hotels that the charter bus companies negotiate beforehand. A casino bus tour will take your group to many different casinos in the region, allowing your group to experience all sorts of different gaming at each destination, while getting to spend good quality time with each other while on the road in luxury buses. Whether or not anyone hits it big, you’ll have a great time.

With a charter bus company like United Coachline, you can turn travel time into family time, making planning and executing a flawless family reunion a breeze!

Five Occasions to Rent Transportation For


Whether you’re planning a large event or just planning a fun night out, there are major benefits to arranging transportation for the night. Find out some of the top occasions that can be improved by getting a rental vehicle.


Prom is a special night in a teenager’s life. They may be stressing for months over whether or not they have a date, or they may spend weeks planning the right way to ask someone to go with them. If they don’t have their driver’s license yet, they don’t want to get stuck with Mom or Dad as a chauffeur.

Help your teen impress by renting them a limo or fancy sedan. If they’re planning on going in a group, hire a mini bus for the night and keep the whole group together!

Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties are tons of fun—unless you have to be the designated driver. When you hire someone to drive the whole group around there’s no need for a DD! Everyone can relax and have a good time.

Bar hop in style by renting a luxury bus with flat screens, or enjoy some impromptu karaoke between destinations by blasting your favorite tunes. However you choose to celebrate with the bride-to-be, you’ve got the transportation covered without the need for a DD.


The transportation options for a wedding are endless. There are many ways that you can choose to travel, depending on the venue for your ceremony, luncheon, reception, etc. From sedans to limousines to charter buses, you can find the transportation to fit your style and needs.

Renting a charter bus can help relieve some of the wedding planning stress. You can arrange a pick-up point for the bus to pick up guests at so that everyone will arrive together. A bus can also take guests from the ceremony to the reception center.

And don’t forget about the newlyweds! Pamper them by renting a fancy limo for their departure. Or arrange for someone to pick them up and drop them off at the airport, so they can start off the honeymoon without all the hassle and stress of figuring out parking.

Special Nights Out

If you have a special night planned, you can make it even more memorable by hiring transportation. Here are some occasions that might require a fancier ride:

  • Engagements: From the moment you pick up your future fiancée to the moment you pop the question, you want everything to be perfect.
  • Anniversaries: Whether it’s your first or your 50th, every wedding anniversary deserves to be special.
  • Birthdays: If you just turned 21, you want to go all out. Getting a driver for the occasion allows you to celebrate uninhibited. Even if it’s not a milestone birthday, it’s still your special day and you deserve to feel that way.
  • Celebrations: Maybe you just started a new job, graduated college, or purchased your first home. There are endless reasons to celebrate. Celebrate in style!

No matter what the occasion is, be sure to impress with a luxury vehicle.

Just Because

The best reason to pamper yourself is just because. Have you been feeling a little down and need a pick-me-up? Or are you planning a night out with the girls to cheer up your newly single best friend? Maybe it’s just been awhile since you’ve taken your wife out and you want to take date night to the next level. Whatever the plan is, you don’t need a reason to treat yourself to a luxury rental vehicle.


If you are in need of transportation, contact United Coachline. From charter buses to limousines, we offer the best in luxury transportation.

Welcome to United Coachline’s Blog

Welcome Blog

This is the first blog for United Coachline, the best choice for luxury transportation. We here at United Coachline understand that traveling with a large group of people can be frustrating. With tons of cars already on the road, you don’t want to deal with the hassle of driving everyone yourself. Coordinating all those people and having them all drive and arrive safely and on time is near impossible.

A convenient solution to this problem would be to have United Coachline provide a clean and dependable vehicle to be driven by a professional chauffeur especially for you and your group. We have different sized buses, with capacity for 24, 35, or 56 passengers, so that you may choose the bus that works for you and your group.

With over 17 years of experience in the field, United Coachline has become the premiere charter service in New York, New Jersey, and the tri-state area. Our core concerns are our clients’ comfort and satisfaction, if we achieve this we know we will earn your business again in the future.

United Coachline specializes in luxury transportation in the event of:

  • Weddings – On your special day, we understand that you want everything to run smoothly and with United Coachline that’s exactly what you get. You won’t have to worry, because our experienced and professional staff will make sure that your transportation will go smoothly. We have top of the line luxury Mercedes Benz coach buses to transport your wedding party or larger buses to transport hundreds of wedding guests, bottom line is that United Coachline can hand all of your transportation needs.
  • Airport TransfersUnited Coachline can transport you and your party, to and from all airports in the Tri-State area. We can track your flight for you and confirm its arrival, so that you don’t have to worry. In the event that your flight is 30 minutes earlier or later, United will notify your driver so that you don’t have to. You can be completely at ease knowing that your bus will be ready and waiting for you.
  • PromsUnited Coachline are the perfect choice for transportation to your prom. We have luxurious buses from Mercedes Benz for you to arrive in style and comfort. Our professional and highly experienced drivers will ensure that your party arrives safely and on time.
  • Long Distance TripsUnited Coachline understands that long distance trips are all about dependable driving and comfortable travel. Our elite staff of drivers and buses satisfies both of those necessities.
  • Casino Bus ToursUnited Coachline is registered with every tri state area casino, which translates into a rebate for you and your party. Since rebates vary each month, please contact United Coachline for an exact amount. With 17 years of experience, United Coachline’s elite staff of drivers will get you to the casino and back home safely.  Each of events will have its own blog post detailing how United Coachline can arrange your group’s travel needs. It’s time to experience the luxury and service that the premier bus rental and charter bus company of New York, New Jersey and Long Island can offer you and your group.


  • The Best Drivers – Our elite drivers are both well trained and friendly. At United Coachline, we make sure our drivers know that dependability is a priority. We want you to understand that when you choose to ride with United Coachline, you are in good hands.
  • Top of the line Fleet – When you choose United Coachline, you are choosing to travel in the style. We have a wide selection of top of the line charter buses. Our secret to having an elite fleet of luxurious buses is ensuring that each bus is as well maintained as possible.

To start planning your next trip with United Coachline please contact us at 1(888)-982-8737 or click here.